Saturday, May 21, 2016

An enemy wants in

There is a devil so subtle
An enemy of happiness and the greatest destroyer of joy.... 

It disguises itself as power and revenge 
But as you allow it to encompass around you, 
as you wallow in the wonderful feeling of self trust and pride.

While you are strengthening your arsenal and putting your fight face on, 
you are in reality stripping yourself of dignity 
and being entangled in the roots of misery and pain. 

This wicked spirit wants you to believe you deserve better,
 you have the ability to take down an army if you let it help you!
Just let it unpack its bags and make comfortable the secret places in your heart. 
Leave it there to rest. 
Feed it, listen to its council, cry on its shoulder,
and use it as a punching bag for your anger. 

Keep it locked away until you may need it,
when you are forced to face reality.
Then you allow it to flow from your lips in disgust,
twist your face into ugliness,
and spit from your eyes as fire.
It affects everyone in its path.
Pushes people away and keeps you from having to deal with anything.
It fights for you. 

Each time it comes to your defense, it asks for more space... It needs more room. 
To prepare, to plan.
Until it eventually takes over every piece of your heart, mind, and soul. 
You become it.
You live in it, walk in it, talk in it.
Every day.
It haunts your dreams, your every thought.
It's with you when you're awake and with you when you sleep.
When you come and when you go.
You try to smile, but it's voice is always speaking to you... You can never let it go!

It is the only way to cope! It is not your fault!
You deserved better! 
You shouldn't have been treated that way! 
That should have never happened to you! 
Yes, this is the only way to survive! 

At least that's what it tells you. 

What does this demon want to accomplish? 
What is its main goal? 
Who is this life threatening emotion that will steal your life from you? 

It surely wants you to live with horrible pain, and debilitating anger. 
It wants to kill and destroy... 
Tear into every part of you until you are nothing but shreds of brokenness,
that can not give anything... 
Only take... It wants revenge... 
It wants to make everyone in its path as miserable as it can. 
As for its name? 

We know it as 


Its seed never stays small.
It hunts and destroys everything in its path! That's its job. 

But there is a way....
A way to defeat it! 
A way to cope without living in its dark prison.

It's found in 


Forgive. Let your heart heal. Let God do the work. Let it go.

 And you will slowly regain those secret places again.
Through prayer, and obedience to the word of God, you can overcome.
Every time you speak faith, a little piece of your heart is healed,
another cold, dead, part of you revives into newness of life!
And one day, you will remember how you have almost 
forgotten the pain that bitterness made you feel.
You can walk in light again.
You can smile again, laugh again.

It's hard... But it is so worth it!
 Don't give bitterness place to grow... 
Live in the day, walk in the light!
Dwell in the comfort of the perfect law!
Deal with your heart. 
Be an over-comer!


Let it go. 

Be healed. 

You can have life again!

Submitted by: Shayna Sowards