Tuesday, June 13, 2017


This is one of the most important questions we will ever ask ourselves. If we say that it does
not matter what we believe, we deny ourselves the possibility of reaching any goals or
accomplishments. If we say, that because we do believe something, there can be no other
way, we have to be careful that we would not exclude any area of growth or greater
understanding. But if we say there is only one right way to believe, we are absolutely correct,
but now must continue to prove this by the reasons for our actions of hope or there is no

If we believe there is a God, that is the one right way to believe. If we say that is
enough, we deny any cause or further development and our belief is in vain. Hebrews 11:6
says, if we believe He is, we must believe He has a reward and that we must have it to be
able to please Him….Faith!

Faith to believe God for everything can only come to the diligent seeker. The diligent
seeker can only find faith by hearing and what we need to hear is only in the Word of God.
True understanding of the Word of God can be heard only by a “sent” preacher. Romans

To believe that His Word is the One Way to be followed by us completely is the right
way to believe. There is only One Way the Bible tells us to believe and it is directed towards
two individuals. Those who are not believing right and need redirecting and the ones who are
heading in the right direction but need guidance to stay in the One Way.
Our TWO DAY BIBLE STUDY is a brief and to the point lesson plan that reveals this
clearly! Here is a few things you will see.

You will meet the TRUTH
You will find out who the false prophet is……..
The lies will be exposed spoken of in the Bible…….
Grievous Wolves uncovered….
The servant and the son…
What the deceiver is saying….
“Come out of her” Who “her” is……

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